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Recommended Casino Party Rentals Packages

All casino party rentals packages include fun, knowledgeable dealers (up to 4 hours), cards, dice, markers, actual 11.5 gram casino chips, starting vouchers (funny money) and ending vouchers (raffle tickets).                                                                                                                                     
Double Diamond Deluxe                                                                
20 to 30 guests      
1 Blackjack Tables, 1 Texas Hold'em.
Triple Diamond Deluxe                                                             
30 to 40 guests      
1 Blackjack Table, 1 Texas Hold'em, 1- 7ft. Craps Table
Lady Luck                                                                
50 to 60 guests      
2 Blackjack Tables, 1 Texas Hold'em, 1- 7ft. Craps Table
75 to 100 guests   
2 Blackjack Tables, 1 Texas Hold'em, 1-12ft. Craps Table,
1 Roulette Table
Vegas Nights   
100 to 150 guests 
3 Blackjack Tables, 2 Texas Hold'em Poker Table, 1-12ft. Craps Table, 1 Roulette Table                                                                                                                                    
Full House
150 to 200 guests     
5 Blackjack Tables, 2 Texas Hold'em Poker Table, 2-12ft. Crap Tables, 1 Roulette Table
High Roller
200 to 250 guests    
7 Blackjack Tables, 2 Texas Hold'em Poker Tables, 2-12ft. Crap Tables, 1 Roulette Table, 1 Baccarat Table

Disc Jockey
Need a professional DJ? We have the best in the industry! Hire us to provide the fun atmospehere you want! Our disc jockey will play the music that YOU want to hear! We will not cancel on you at the last minute or not show up because we got a better gig. Go with a trusted name in the industry. We use top of the line equipment like Numark, American DJ, and JBL, certified to be in perfect working order before it goes out to your event.  Guaranteed.
a la Carte or Table Rentals without dealers 
Having a small event? Don't have your guests sitting around your next holiday party with nothing to do!  Call us & order one or two tables! Your guests will have the best time ever! Tables come All tables include  dealers! Your guests will talk about your event for many, many years!  Guaranteed.

Blackjack Table Rental w/Dealer for 4 hrs
Deluxe Blackjack Table Rental w/Dealer for 4 hrs
High-End Blackjack Table Rentals w/Dealer for 4 hrs
Texas Hold'em Poker Table Rentals w/ Dealer for 4 hrs
Deluxe Texas Hold'em Poker Table Rental w/Dealer for 4 hrs
High-End Texas Hold'em Poker Table Rentals w/Dealer for 4hrs
7 ft. Craps Table Rentals w/ 1 Dealer for 4 hrs
Deluxe 7ft Craps Table Rental w/1 Dealer for 4hrs
High-End 7ft Craps Table Rentals w/1 Dealer for 4 hrs
12 ft. Craps Table Rentals w/ 2 Dealers for 4 hrs
Deluxe 12ft Craps Table Rentals w/2 Dealers for 4 hrs
High-End 12ft Craps Table Rentals w/3 Dealers for 4hrs
Roulette Table Rentals w/ Dealer for 4 hrs
Deluxe Roulette Table Rental w/Dealer for 4 hrs
High-End Roulette Table Rentals w/Dealer for 4 hrs
Let-It-Ride Table Rentals w/ Dealer for 4 hrs
Deluxe Let-it-Ride Table Rentals w/Dealer for 4hrs
3 card Poker Table Rentals w/ Dealer for 4 hrs
Deluxe 3 card Poker Table Rental w/Dealer for 4 hrs
Wheel of Fortune (Money Wheel) Rentals w/ Dealer for 4 hrs
Professional Bartender w.bar kit for 4 hrs
6 ft. Bar Rental
Bunny Cocktail Server w.drink tray (just like in Las Vegas)
Chippendale Server w. drink tray (just like in Las Vegas)
40,000 BTU Outdoor Patio Heater rentals

Having a bigger event? 300, 500, 1000 people? Call us we have put together various casino party rental packages based on our years of experience, that include our most popular games. These Casino party rentals will accommodate all your guests comfortably.    

*Tickets subject to change from time to time. Thank you for choosing AAA Triple Diamond Events Casino Party Rentals! Providing the best entertainment for your dollar!

AAA Triple Diamond Events Casino Party Rentals has the best dealers and the best equipment at the best prices!!

AAA Triple Diamond Events Casino Party Rentals gives you THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR DOLLAR!